SPEXP Conferences

Conference Topics

  • The results of scientific and technological experiments in the areas of:
    • fluid physics
    • biology
    • biotechnology
    • thermophysical processes
    • space physics
    • other areas of research
  • The influence of space factors on the conduct of scientific and technological experiments:
    • microacceleration
    • electromagnetic fields
    • Earth's atmosphere
    • radiation
    • microparticles of artificial and natural origin
  • Planned flights of the Bion-M / Photon-M spacecraft in 2012-2015:
    • promising experiments and requirements for their implementation
    • possibilities of passing launches of micro / nanosatellites
    • university experiments
  • Ensuring experiments on automatic spacecraft and micro / nanosatellites:
    • design of automatic spacecraft and micro / nanosatellites
    • design of scientific equipment, supporting systems and software
    • telecommunication and information support
    • ballistics and orbital navigation
  • Additional features for using the third stages of Soyuz launch vehicles
    • associated removal of CubeSat class nanosatellites
    • short experiments
    • possible educational programs
  • Prospects for further work in the field of development of new space technologies

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